Saturday 12/19/2020 WAN Party Is Starting

Jump on discord and join us for online gaming coordinated with the www.OKGG.org discord!

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  Bad news...again.

One of our gamers already has COVID-19, and three others besides him have voted to not have the LAN and don't plan to attend, so it looks like the Dirty Santa LAN will be postponed.

We WILL do the Dirty Santa LAN at the next in person LAN we host in 2021. Right now that looks like we are going to wait for the vaccine to get a foothold.

We will have an online gaming party this Saturday. Join Discord on LAN Party Room for voice communication and let's play some games! Last month there was a good group playing especially from 7pm to midnight. Join the OKGG online this Saturday.

Hang on to your Dirty Santa gifts. We will do that soon!

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  It's BACK! The OKGG LAN Party! October 17, 2020

Sign-up is LIMITED to 9 Gamers and Open Now!

We hope to stay open for October, November and December with everyone's cooperation.

NOTICE: One gamer per table, 6' social distancing, wash or sanitize your hands upon entering and occasionally throughout the day. If you have a cough or sneezing, have run a fever or been sick,in the past two weeks, or are known to have COVID-19, please notify the staff immediately so we can cancel your reservation. Also if you have allergies and are prone to coughing or sneezing, you may be required to wear a paper mask to protect others. We appreciate your cooperation!

We will open at 12:30PM and game until 11:30PM. Price is $15. Please bring a chair and a cooler for drinks and do not use the facility kitchen or fridge. We will see you there!!!!

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  Online Gaming on LAN Day August 15, 2020

Is anyone planning on gaming on our usual lan day today? We are not doing the in person lan but we will be gaming together online this afternoon and evening.

We will be jumping on discord around 12:30pm and gaming throughout the day. Come join us.

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  LAN - no. WAN - you bet!

OK, the sad news, after only one month back, is that due to rising COVID-19 statistics, and to protect the gamers and their families, we are NOT hosting a LAN party on July 18, 2020.

Instead we will switch to a WAN Party using our discord server for voice chat. It is a FREE WAN Party, so come join us from 12:30pm to ??? July 18, 2020.

We will continue to monitor COVID-19 stats and when it is more appropriate to return to the LAN, rest assured we will be there!

See you online!

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