October 19, 2109 LAN sign-up is OPEN!

Sign-up and join us for a LAN Party with old friends and new friends. Sign-up is open, so visit the page and do the deed! We will see you there.

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  New Posts In the OKGG Forum

While we don't mind new posts in the www.okgg.org web forums, our new method of communicating is via our discord server. Please visit the discord link above and join us!.

Also, we are working on a new site with online signup with immediate payment, and other new features. Stay tuned...

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  September 21, 2019 LAN Sign-up is Open

Good LAN today for August. Attendance is growing, come join us!

Sign-up today and we'll see you in September.

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  August 17. 2019 LAN is Underway

Come on out, there are still 4 available slots!

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  July 20, 2019 OKGG LAN Party Sign-Up Is Open!

The Monsoon Season may soon come to an end so you know the next season is freaking HOT! Might as well come to the LAN and stay cool all day, skip the lawn chores, taunt some friends, have some fun. Why not.

Sign-up is open for the July LAN and all you need to do is click the link above and Sign-Up!

See you there.

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