February 15, 2020 LAN Sign-Up Is Open!

We hope everyone will take a moment and sign-up because, well, friends need to hangout. So what better excuse that to do it at this crazy house we call a LAN party.

Signup is open for the February www.OKGG.org LAN party, and we hope you join us on Discord as well. Full details are only a click away, as is sign-up and discord access.

See you there.

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  Twenty Twenty! The first LAN of the year is open for sign-up

Well, 2019 blew by fast! But we still had a great time once a month at our LAN. Thanks to all who attended in the past, we look forward to new users on 2020.

Starting right now you can sign-up for the January 18, 2020 www.OKGG.org LAN Party.

Check the details page and the roster to see full details and to see a list of games we plan to play by gamer vote. SIGN-UP NOW!

See you there!!!

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  It's Dirty Santa LAN Time!

Sign-up is open for the December www.OKGG.org Dirty Santa LAN, December 21, 2019. Sign-up and come game with us.

Bring a wrapped gift (Under $20 Suggested) to participate in the Dirty Santa event right after dinner!

The rules are simple. When you pay for your LAN seat, and present your gift, you will get a drawing ticket. A random drawing determines the gift selection order. You can take a new gift, or steal one from another gamer. Once a gift is in the hands of the third person, the gift belongs to them and is locked. It's always a great time!

Also, this month, Halo: Master Chief Edition releases and we WILL BE PLAYING IT! See you there. Sign-up NOW!

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  October 19, 2109 LAN sign-up is OPEN!

Sign-up and join us for a LAN Party with old friends and new friends. Sign-up is open, so visit the page and do the deed! We will see you there.

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  New Posts In the OKGG Forum

While we don't mind new posts in the www.okgg.org web forums, our new method of communicating is via our discord server. Please visit the discord link above and join us!.

Also, we are working on a new site with online signup with immediate payment, and other new features. Stay tuned...

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