June 18, 2016 LAN Rigistration is Open

Still a few seats open for tomorrow's LAN but registration is now closed. Feel free to come out and grab a spot on the May LAN.

Registration is now open for the June 2016 OKGG LAN Party. Sign up early and show your support!

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  OKGG LAN Registration is now open for May 21, 2016

Sign-up is open for the May 21, 2016 LAN Party.

Let's fill it up in May. Maybe it is even time for another partyLAN...discussion?


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  OKGG LAN Registration is now open for April 16, 2016

Sign-up has now changed over to the April 2016 LAN Party.

The next LAN is the day after tax day so no one should have any excuse not to attend, in fact if you end up owing money you may NEED to attend to deal with the aggression and anger Wink


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  The March 19, 2016 LAN Sign Up Is Open NOW!

Thanks to all who signed up for the February LAN party tomorrow.

The next LAN is March 19th so sign-up early and show your support. If you have never come to an OKGG LAN Party, visit the Details link above and find out more. It's only $10 for over 12 hours of gaming head to head on a high speed internet connection.

See you there!

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  Signup is open for the February 20, 2016 OKGG LAN Party

Only hours to go before we attend the January LAN, but there is no time like the present to sign-up for the February LAN.

Please take the time and do it now. Even though we have been having decent sized LANs, I have had gamers ask if we were even going to bother on months when just days before a LAN we only have a half dozen signed up.

This is your LAN, help keep it going by showing your support. Sign-up early! Thank you!

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