April 18, 2020 - 17th Anniversary LAN Sign-Up is Open

No LAN in March thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, but you can join us online in March and sign-up now for the April 18, 2020 - 17th Anniversary LAN!

Hopefully by then a return to normalcy will have happened!!! SIGN-UP NOW.

See you there.

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  No LAN in March 2020 it is cancelled due to COVID-19

Ok, here comes the bad news.
Due to the COVID-19 situation, Kurt has asked us to postpone the LAN as he has already ordered his staff to work from home. I totally respect his position as he does not want to face any legal issues nor allow a gathering that could expose someone to the virus. He's not panicking, just being prudent and I of course we should all respect his decision.

Maybe we can game online together this month. I want to run my new PC through. Its paces for sure. We can discuss this on the Discord Lan Party Thread. [/quote]

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  March 14, 2020 LAN

Sign-up is open so...wait for it...

March your 4$$ over and sign-up Smile

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  February 15, 2020 LAN Sign-Up Is Open!

We hope everyone will take a moment and sign-up because, well, friends need to hangout. So what better excuse that to do it at this crazy house we call a LAN party.

Signup is open for the February www.OKGG.org LAN party, and we hope you join us on Discord as well. Full details are only a click away, as is sign-up and discord access.

See you there.

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  Twenty Twenty! The first LAN of the year is open for sign-up

Well, 2019 blew by fast! But we still had a great time once a month at our LAN. Thanks to all who attended in the past, we look forward to new users on 2020.

Starting right now you can sign-up for the January 18, 2020 www.OKGG.org LAN Party.

Check the details page and the roster to see full details and to see a list of games we plan to play by gamer vote. SIGN-UP NOW!

See you there!!!

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